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Newt's Playing Cards Presents A New Fundraising Idea!
Frequently Asked Questions about this project...

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No Money is Needed Until You Go to Print!

We understand that most organizations are not "rolling in the dough."  This is why we allow the whole project to move forward with no money being due until you turn in your final packet for us to process.  This means that all of your fundraising will be done and you will have little or no money taken out of your budget.  Not only is this popular with small organizations, but it is popular with individuals who may be interested in producing a deck of cards for a non-profit.

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the HUGE popularity of this project, once you have done your fundraising and your project is ready to go to print, we will process orders according to the time they are paid for.  So if you have done all of your fundraising and you are ready to send the information to us, please include a check to insure you are next in line.

So if you dream big about raising much needed funds for your organization, but have no money to really get most of your dreams rolling then this idea is for you.

Please, don't get us wrong.  If your organization wants to pay for the cards up front yourself, you can still retail your cards and it makes a wonderful fundraiser.

Again, this is your chance to not only catch the craze, but to create an awesome deck of cards for your non-profit...with little or no money out of your budget!


No matter what type of non-profit organization you are, we can help you create a fun deck of playing cards that will make an awesome fundraiser for you.
Understanding that maintaining your organizations history is not cheap, getting your own deck of cards not only creates a unique piece of history for your organization, but helps raise funds.  We recognize the importance of helping you highlight your organization while trying to have successful fundraising campaigns.

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Before you can even begin your fundraising or get your sponsors we provide you with a copy of what the basics of your cards will look like.  This means that before we can start we need your images or photos.  Once we get them we convert them into playing cards and get a copy of the cards back to you.  At that time you can begin to get sponsors for your cards.  Once you get your sponsors and we have put down their information we are ready to go to print.  By this time you have also raised support!

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Do your need to raise funds?

How Much Does Your Organization Need to Raise?
If you sell 1000 decks you can raise over $7,000

If you sell 5000 decks you can raise over $35,000

The choice is yours!

What will your excuse be?

Choose a

We help a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations.  Here are a few.
Historical Societies
Animal Shelters
Humane Societies
Animal Sanctuaries
Covered Bridges

The options are endless!

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As Featured in Museums & More Magazine.

Sales of historical society's playing cards are "amazing!"
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If you are going to get someone to do your deck of cards, why not get a "Real" Souvenir (TM) deck from Newt's?
We work to not only bring you the best deck of cards at the best prices, but we bring you one of the best fundraising programs.  A program that does more than just raise money, it raises awareness of your organization with FUN education!

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