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Frequently Asked Questions about this project...

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--Frequently Asked Questions/Comments--

1)  My group is too small to do a deck of playing cards like this, let alone sell 1,008 decks of cards.
ANSWER:  This is probably one of the most stated comments.  We have several groups of 1000 and less be very successful with this fun project.  WHY?  Since sponsors are used to actually pay for the project it keeps the expense low (or at zero) for the organization.  Likewise, since cards are small to have a couple hundred left stores nicely...although most organizations sell out fairly fast.

2)  Why don't you show the prices of the project (or cards) online?
ANSWER:  We used to do this, but people just did not understand how the project actually worked!  They would see the price and think, "Oh, I can't do that" and never really catch the vision.  So we took the price off the site so we can contact you and have a chance to actually explain the project before you shoot it out of the water too fast.

3)  Why don't you print less than 1,000 (or 1008) decks?
ANSWER:  While we would love to print less than 1,008 decks, it is very difficult to do so because of how much these cards are customized.  Please understand that not only are the card backs and faces customized, but the tuck box is fully customized!  So instead of plain old white or gold box, you get a full color tuck box that highlights the beauty of your deck.

4)  Why is it so important to proof the documents BEFORE I send them in?
ANSWER:  While we try to expedite the proof process as much as possible, one of the biggest delays is the fact that folks send in their final Word or Excel file without proofing it.  You will want to make as many corrections before you send in file as possible.  Once you have sent in your file you do NOT want to be making major changes as this will cause delays.

5)  How long does it take to get my decks of cards?
ANSWER:  This is really a trick question as so much depends on you!  While there have been folks who have done their fund raising in 3 days, proofing in 1 week and then got the cards back in a few weeks, this really is NOT the norm.
Most folks spend about 4-6 weeks doing the fund raising and card information, then another 4-6 weeks proofing them.  Then you should allow about 10-12 weeks from the point you approve your cards to get them.  This again depends on you.  If you have little corrections, approve fast, turn in items in a timely manner then it will speed up the process. 
****One thing we have learned fast is that the project tends to take longer to print, ship and arrive during the second half of the year.



Do your need to raise funds?

How Much Does Your Organization Need to Raise?
If you sell 1000 decks you can raise over $7,000
If you sell 5000 decks you can raise over $35,000

The choice is yours!

Will you catch the vision and earn the cash?

Choose a

We help a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations.  Here are a few.
Historical Societies
Animal Shelters
Humane Societies
Animal Sanctuaries
Covered Bridges

The options are endless!

As Featured in Museums & More Magazine.

Sales of historical society's playing cards are "amazing!"
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If you are going to get someone to do your deck of cards, why not get a "Real" Souvenir (TM) deck from Newt's?
We work to not only bring you the best deck of cards at the best prices, but we bring you one of the best fundraising programs.  A program that does more than just raise money, it raises awareness of your organization with FUN education!

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