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Souvenir Playing Cards...The Way They Used to Be

Are you looking for a new and unique fundraiser?  Try our custom playing cards that feature photos or information of your organization.
Old Time Playing Cards

Before modern society came along with its technology, there were decks of historical, souvenir playing cards that included unique photos on each card.   The decks featured various pictures from local towns, tourist areas, or other historical events.  We do still see these decks at the HUGE tourist areas, but you hardly ever see them at smaller, more personal locations.

It appears that at some point and time someone figured out they could save a buck if they didn't feature unique photos on each card face.  Hence came the creation of boring playing cards that have a unique card back, but have normal card faces.  It's hard to point to an exact time this transition took place.  All we know is it is long overdue to bring back the old!

That's where Newt's comes in to place.  As a card collector I'm always looking for unique decks to add to my playing card collection.  Decks that not only have wonderful art or information, but decks that are limited in supply.  A collectors dream in any part of the world.

What we do here at Newt's "Real" Souvenir Playing Cards is publish or help produce decks of cards with quantities that just about any small organization can do.  We take their town, dog shelter, school group, village, church, fair, festival, fire department, police department or just about any group and create a deck of cards for them!  A deck of cards that highlights the exciting history of their organization. 

One of the best parts about Newt's "Real" Souvenir Playing Cards is not only can we help an organization create a deck for next to nothing, but we will help them through every step of the process.  We have digital files, printed pages and more to help make the process flow easier.  Our prices include set up, complete layout, everything...including the shipping to your front door!  The only thing extra you will need to pay is the $30 "customs fee" from FedEx.

One of the biggest things to remember is yes, you can do a deck of playing cards for a special occasion, but you can also do one each year or however often you wish.  Each deck we do has an "Edition" number which not only lets you know where you're at, but lets other folks know that there either was past editions or future editions will happen.

So don't limit yourself to thinking you can only do one deck and you're done!  This is a fund raiser you can do over and over again by either changing the theme, changing the images or any thing.  The options are endless and the amount of times you do a deck can be endless too!

We even have a few "bells and whistles" you can add if you wish.  You can have one of our artist draw a card back for you, get extra uncut sheets and more.  Just ask for the "bells and whistles" sheet and we'll email the PDF to you.

New for 2007 are the Coupon Playing Cards which are perfect for local Chamber of Commerce or other business promoting organizations.

So stick around and check out our site.  Should you have any questions please let us know.  If you need more information please feel free to contact us or you can check out one of the many sites listed to the left.

If you want to view some of the recent decks we have done please check these out:
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Contact Us if you would like access to our Hall of Fame

James Esteph
Newt's Dad, President, Card Collector & Player

P.S.  Remember, this is your chance to not only catch the craze, but to create an awesome deck of cards for your non-profit...with little or no money out of your budget!

Do your need to raise funds?

How Much Does Your Organization Need to Raise?
If you sell 1000 decks you can raise over $7,000

If you sell 5000 decks you can raise over $35,000

The choice is yours!

What will your excuse be?

Choose a

We help a wide spectrum of non-profit organizations.  Here are a few.
Historical Societies
Animal Shelters
Humane Societies
Animal Sanctuaries
Covered Bridges

The options are endless!

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If you are going to get someone to do your deck of cards, why not get a "Real" Souvenir (TM) deck from Newt's?
We work to not only bring you the best deck of cards at the best prices, but we bring you one of the best fundraising programs.  A program that does more than just raise money, it raises awareness of your organization with FUN education!

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